Meal Time

After quite a lot of research, we decided to limit the amount of dry cat food that our two kitties eat.  95% of their diet is soft food that is grain free.  They both became fans of this food and quickly learned that there are more than one flavour.  For the longest time their favourite was  a mix of turkey and salmon, with chicken as an OK backup.  They also both loved chicken with herring.

Fast forward for a few months and suddenly they both refused to eat the old favourite turkey and salmon. The started to prefer minced salmon or minced turkey or plain chicken. 

The next evolution is for ChaoFa in particular to not want what we give him and for him to ask for something else.  An aside here, the cats food is stored in our pantry, which happened to have a hanging ornament on the door handle.  ChaoFa uses this as a dinner bell.  He rings this when he is hungry and now he rings the bell when he doesn't want the food that he is given but wants something else.

The cat is getting way too picky.

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