FaYing was born in February 2008. We took her home in April that year.  As a kitten FaYing was was ting with seemingly no muscle.  We had to carry her up stairs (she could go down but not up - the steps were too high for her to jump). At night she would stand beside our bed and howl until one of us picked her up.  She was so small that she could fit in the palm of a hand.


As a kitten FaYing was almost white, and as she has grown, her colour has become more pronounced.  The biggest change is how she has transformed into a quite large cat (larger than ChaoFa) and solidly packed; a complete contrast to how skinny she was as a kitten.  She is now larger and heavier than ChaoFa.

Unlike chaoFa, FaYing is not much of a climber or jumper.  Its not because she can't, it more a case that she will not jump onto something if she does not know what is there.  This is probably from one time when she was around 6 months old.  She would come into the bathroom in the morning and jump onto the toilet seat and watch me shave.  One mornign the toilet seat was up and FaYing went for a quick bath. I say quick, becasue she could not get out fast enough.  She never jumped onto the toilet lid after that, even if she could see that the lid was down.

To this date (three years later) FaYing only jumps onto objects that she knows, such as the dining table, chairs, couches, and laps. 

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