ChaoFa was born on March 2008. We took him home in May that year.  As a kitten ChaoFa was a small bundle of pure muscle that didn't seem to stop moving.  When we first got him home it seemed that he did not stop moving for at least three days.  Poor FaYing wondered what on Earth had arrived.

As a kitten ChaoFa was very light in colour, only his ears and face really gave away his colouring.  As he has aged, his fur has darkened in colour, so now at four years old he is almost completely a seal colour.


From an early age ChaoFa has been a climber and loved heights.  Before we had our kitchen remodelled he got into the habit of jumping up on the top of the wall cabinets. He would jump onto the counter beside the fridge, then onto the few inches availble on  top of the fridge, then onto the top of the upper cabinets.

He would then sit and watch everything below.  Now he sits on a shelf.

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